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Ashley Smithers

Ashley Smithers

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Turtle Working Group Poster

Lower Willamette Turtle Working Group, Portland Community College Cartography Class
Software Used
ESRI ArcMap, Sketch
Tools & Skills
Kernel Density Tool, Buffer, Clip, Data Summarization, Geocoding

Project Description

As part of my Masters degree I got involved in the Lower Willamette Turtle Working Group. This group of regional ecologist and land stewards meets every other month to discuss regional issues facing turtles. The group is responsible for the Oregon Turtle BMP and the creation of Priority Turtle Conservation Areas. One of the largest ongoing projects the group manages is the reporting of turtles throughout the state on our website. This map infographic summarizes reports made to the site for the last 30 years.

The Western pond turtle (Actinemys marmorata) and the Western painted turtle (Chrysemys picta bellii) are both state listed sensitive species and are listed as Oregon Conservation Strategy Species. Due to the general sensitive nature of reporting actual locations of the populations of turtles, the kernel density and buffering tools were used to summarize general hotspot locations of turtles throughout the state.

This infographic map allows partners to share data about how we are using the reported information as well as encouraging community members to report turtles seen throughout the state. These reports are a valuable part of continuing turtle conservation work in Oregon.

Current location 45.5122° N, 122.6587° W