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PCC District Zones

PCC Cartography Class
Software Used
ESRI ArcMap, Adobe Illustrator
Tools & Skills
Buffer, Gradient, Custom Colours, Custom Icons, Transparencies, Editing Tool, Annotated Labels

Project Description

This project aimed to create a new district zone map for Portland Community College. This project focused on label higharchy, custom color palettes, and custom layer borders. The map and labeling was started in ArcMap and then finished using Adobe Illustrator.

Labels were annotated, and custom placed on the map. Font size and color was varied to indicated various sized and importance of cities and roads. Some road labels were customized to contour to the shape of the roads.

The buffer tool and a color gradient added to the polygon was used to create a custom border around each of the district zones. I taught this developed technique to classmates in a skill share.

How to create buffers inside of polygons:

  1. Open Buffer tool.
  2. Load desired input polygon.
  3. Set Linear unit to negative value. In my example I set it to -500 feet.
  4. Change side type to "Outside_Only".
  5. Click OK.
  6. In the new buffered layer, fill in the fill color.
  7. This technique works really well with filling the polygon color with a gradient.

Current location 45.5122° N, 122.6587° W