Ashley Smithers

Ashley Smithers

Ecologist & GIS Specialist
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Boulder Plant Brochure

PCC Cartography Class
Software Used
Tools & Skills
Hillshade, Buffer, Clip, Custom Color Palette, Inset Maps, Annotative Labeling

Project Description

When I go and visit new places, being an ecologist I am always interested in knowing where I can go to find particular plants or animals. So when given the assignment to create a map of boulder, I instantly wanted to figure out a way to identify areas people could hike based on botanizing.

I designed the maps in a brochure style focusing on three areas, grassland, forest and wildflowers. I pulled a native plant list of the area to show some examples found in each area.

I used Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) trail layer, trail head layer, and vegetation layer to create the trails. First I created a buffer around each of the trails. I then used that buffer to clip out the vegetation layer so the vegetation types could be seen around each of the trails. I then used the editing tool to merge vegetation types together so the vegetation types could be more easily viewed on the map.

Since this is essentially a hiking map I found it important to include topography. However, I didn’t want this to take away from the map visually. I used the drawing tool to place a box (graphic) over the entire map. I then applied a transparency to this layer. To see the city boundary, I placed that layer on top of the hill shade and the box and again added a transparency.

Current location 45.5122° N, 122.6587° W